Innovative R&D Team
Experienced and innovative , always work with great enthusiasm
Good Production Ability
Company owned factory makes the production management easier,and the ever improving production capacity and ability enables us to provide punctual delivery all the time .
Strict and detailed QC team
Secures the final proof to quality defects and guarantees "good quality to go" only!
Xiamen Xpets Trade Co., Ltd.
Xiamen XPETS Trading Company is the TRADING window of the XPETS factory in Zhangzhou city , next to Xiamen. It is consist of a group professional people with passion, creativity and innovation on "Horse" & Riding and Pets Supplying Products. All the core team members have 10-20 experience in this industry . Our R&D team keeps working on creating new exciting items , and our QC team guarantees the last proof on quality control.
Xiamen Xpets Trade Co., Ltd.
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Xiamen Xpets Trade Co., Ltd.
05/29 -2023
Top 10 signs of a cowboy
An urban cowboy with the ten items mentioned below can be included in the list. When you do become a cowboy, you will find that there are many other cowboy things waiting for you to appreciate, use, and understand, such as: spurs, lantern, lasso, whip, wine pot, and cowboy saddle...... There's nothing you can put down.
06/21 -2023
Take you into the Horse World today
More than 300 horse breeds have been found in the world. Like the human society, according to the different skin color, can be divided into yellow, white, black and brown people, in the horse world, in the history of equestrian sports is the longest and the most developed Europe, from the horse lineage and nerve type, can be divided into hot-blooded horse, cold-blooded horse and warm-blooded horse.
06/12 -2023
How to measure a horse by hands
As the saying goes, "a man has size, a horse has height."Therefore, it is very important to measure the height of horses, especially in horse registration, horse trading and other occasions. Most countries of the European-dominated world use cm as the standard unit of measurement. However, in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries still have the habit of using "palm width" (hereinafter referred to as "palm"), in many horse books, magazines, newspapers using "palm width" is still high frequency. In practical applications, people in English countries often misunderstand this concept. So it is necessary to say it here.