05-29 -2023
Top 10 signs of a cowboy

An urban cowboy with the ten items mentioned below can be included in the list. When you do become a cowboy, you will find that there are many other cowboy things waiting for you to appreciate, use, and understand, such as: spurs, lantern, lasso, whip, wine pot, and cowboy saddle...... There's nothing you can put down.

06-21 -2023
Take you into the Horse World today

More than 300 horse breeds have been found in the world. Like the human society, according to the different skin color, can be divided into yellow, white, black and brown people, in the horse world, in the history of equestrian sports is the longest and the most developed Europe, from the horse lineage and nerve type, can be divided into hot-blooded horse, cold-blooded horse and warm-blooded horse.

06-12 -2023
How to measure a horse by hands

As the saying goes, "a man has size, a horse has height."Therefore, it is very important to measure the height of horses, especially in horse registration, horse trading and other occasions. Most countries of the European-dominated world use cm as the standard unit of measurement. However, in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries still have the habit of using "palm width" (hereinafter referred to as "palm"), in many horse books, magazines, newspapers using "palm width" is still high frequency. In practical applications, people in English countries often misunderstand this concept. So it is necessary to say it here.

06-05 -2023
The Chinese Equestrian Eventing Eeam Qualified for the Paris Olympic Games

Ireland on June 4,12 noon local time, China equestrian triathlon team in Paris at the mill street Olympic triathlon F and G group qualifying showdown —— field obstacle course, pressure Japan, close established giants Australia, in the second place, strength won the Paris Olympic Games qualification!

11-24 -2023
Why Equestrian is Good to Children

Equestrian Education,is to let children get out of their comfort zone ​ A good education is recognized as good because it makes you fidget. It forces you to constantly rediscover yourself and your surroundings, and thus to make constant changes. Parents should be willing to let their children jump out of their comfort zone and constantly learn and try to become better.

01-09 -2023
Why a Horse Rug is Important ?

​With the ubiquity of pure blood horse and warm blood horse all over the world, horse rug is very important for those horses.

03-08 -2023
How to customize an ideal whip ?

How to customize an ideal whip ? How to customize whips with the whips factory ?

01-10 -2023
What not to wear ! A novice dog owner be sure to know these!

There are countless dog clothing, and what should we pay attention to and not to do for the dogs’ safety?

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