How do I choose a horse banket?

2023-12-21 13:52

When it comes to horse blankets, many people will think that this is something for professional riders. In fact, it is not necessarily the case that horses with professional riders can choose horse blankets. Any thoroughbred horse, warmblood horse or anyone who owns a horse can choose horse blankets suitable for different seasons.

Horse blankets are a necessity developed because of the existence of Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods. In addition, due to the influence of the horse's body hair, the horse will sweat through the skin when running and cause skin diseases. Therefore, the body hair of the horse has been shaved by the horse owner since childhood. There are also factors such as natural weather changes, which force the horse owner to have to shave the horse's body hair according to the weather conditions. Choose a suitable horse blanket to protect your horse depending on the season.

With the evolution and use of horses, the selection of horse blankets has become more and more stringent and the demand has become greater. Therefore, it is inevitable to choose a suitable horse blanket to wear on your horse.

Choose a horse blanket according to the season

So how do horse owners choose different horse blankets according to their horses and seasonal changes?

Choose the appropriate horse blanket based on the season and weather conditions. For example, in summer, horse sheet made of light and breathable materials are mainly used, and horse sheet with mesh is worn on the horse to prevent mosquito bites. First of all, the horse's head should be covered with a mesh hood to prevent mosquito bites from affecting the horse's mood; in addition, wearing a horse fly sheet with mesh can also prevent the horse's body parts from mosquito bites, preventing dengue fever and other similar diseases in humans. Skin diseases caused by mosquito bites. Therefore, it is very necessary to wear a mesh horse sheet in the summer, especially when exercising in a stable or outdoors. This mesh horse sheet is particularly important.

In areas with large temperature differences in summer or in the crossover seasons between spring and summer, summer and autumn, it is suitable to choose a light and thin horse blanket. For example, there is a lightweight horse blanket that absorbs sweat and is widely used in areas with large temperature differences in summer. In areas with large temperature differences, the weather will get cooler in the summer evenings. It is particularly important to wear this light and thin horse blanket. It can avoid colds, fever and other symptoms in horses caused by large weather changes. It is also an ideal choice to wear a lightweight horse blanket for horses in spring, summer and autumn. This horse blanket is very important for horses in the stable or outdoor sports.

Choosing a good cotton horse blanket in winter is to ensure the warmth of the horse, and it should be selected according to the weather temperature in different regions. If the weather is particularly cold, you generally need to choose a thicker cotton horse blanket to withstand the cold winter. In countries such as Brazil, Australia, Spain, and New Zealand, the weather is slightly warmer in winter, so you can choose a thinner cotton horse blanket to survive the winter. That is to say, cotton horse blankets should be selected and worn according to different temperatures in different regions.

Functional horse blanket and size selection

There is a functional horse blanket that is very popular in today's world. It is a new product that comes with the development of the horse industry. Everyone knows that horses, like humans, are sweating animals that are afraid of cold and heat, so wearing a functional horse blanket is very ideal. In particular, horses are animals that exercise vigorously. They sweat after running, so they are prone to colds in cold weather. Therefore, in summer, when the horse sweats after exercising or running, or after taking a shower, it is necessary to immediately put on a light and sweat-absorbent horse blanket. Wearing a cotton horse blanket with sweat-absorbent function will keep the horse's body warm when running outdoors in winter.

Finally, the size of your horse blanket is also important. Choosing an appropriately sized horse blanket plays a protective role in your horse's comfort and safety. Generally, the size of the horse blanket is small or large, as long as it fits properly. Horse owners must measure the length of their horse before choosing the size of the horse blanket. Measure the correct size from the front chest to the protruding part of the rear tail, and inform the supplier of the accurate body length. In this way, the horse blanket of the appropriate size can be chosen. Feel comfortable. Therefore, in the process of getting along with horses, it is very necessary for horse owners or professionals to know how to choose a horse blanket that suits their horses.

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