Take you into the Horse World today

2023-06-21 08:49

Take you into the world of Horses

More than 300 horse breeds have been found in the world. Like the human society, according to the different skin color, can be divided into yellow, white, black and brown people, in the horse world, in the history of equestrian sports is the longest and the most developed Europe, from the horse lineage and nerve type, can be divided into hot-blooded horse, cold-blooded horse and warm-blooded horse.

Horse breeds

Among them, pure blood horse is the fastest and the best body structure in the world. It is brave, sensitive and stubborn personality, and is the best horse horse, not suitable for other uses. Ahajie Golden Horse, also commonly known as the Chinese "sweat blood BMW". Arabian horse, its body is very beautiful, temperament is very elegant, mostly for the pet of nobles, rich giants.


Cold-blooded horses are the typical horses in horses. This horse is more in the European forest areas, it is more strong, but slower, belongs to the coolie type. Such as Alden horse, Bell shulun horse, Sharma, etc.


Warm-blooded horses are crossbred between hot-blooded horses and cold-blooded horses. Now they cultivate better warm-blooded horses, which are also the most suitable for equestrian sports, because although they do not run as fast as pure-blooded horses, they have good jumping ability and have a certain strength. At the same time, from its hair color, body shape, pace and other aspects, the warm blood horse temperament is very good, especially suitable for dressage and court jumping in equestrian sports.


The world's famous warm blood horse, directly with the name of the "warm blood" two words, such as Belgium warm blood horse, Dutch warm blood horse, Denmark warm blood horse, Sweden warm blood horse, (Germany) Bavarian warm blood horse, they are the most orthodox warm blood horse.


The four major varieties in Germany, namely Hanover horse, Trakenama, Holstein horse and Oldenburg horse, do not carry the words "warm blood", but they are actually very orthodox warm-blooded horses.



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